Monday, February 8, 2010

Mr. Crunch Bar
and his plant
There's a story here...
We have this plant to filter the air in Mr. Crunch Bar's room.
Don't ask why we need to do this...anyway.
We bring it home from the nursery and Mr. Crunch Bar, without delay...Google's "Peace Lily"
proceeds to tell me everything I need to know about caring for a house plant.
Thanks babe...
So...I transplant the high maintenance plant into it's permanent place...
After giving it a good soaking and allowing plenty of time to drain...
We move it into his room and place it on top of the dresser.
This is where it gets good...
FOUR hours later I notice Mr. Crunch Bar making multiple trips from
the bedroom to the kitchen and back again...I investigate.
What do I find? YEP! Mr. Crunch Bar noticed the leaves on his
newly transplanted filter were what does he do?
Why so many trips? Oh, because the drainage tray was over flowing
and forming a puddle of water on top of the dresser...probably
because it had been thoroughly watered 4 hours before...
Gotta love him!!

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