Thursday, March 25, 2010

Part Lady...Part Cujo??

This sweet little thing...
went postal...

and did this...

to Bit O' Honey

Not really folks...the bite is definitely real but the postal part is not.
Bit O' Honey went to the doc as a precaution,
cuz...hello...the dog licks her hmm hmm,
anyway, the doc heard bite and dog, made Bit O' Honey fill
out a "bite report" and notified the proper authorities.
What does that mean for us???
I am currently awaiting a knock at my door.
Who will it be???
An animal control officer for the city.
It gets better...
There's a mandatory 10 day quarantine on ALL dog bites.
Since she's current on her vaccines and rabies, most likely
she will be able to serve her time here.
Thank goodness because I'll tell ya, the damn dog has enough issues,
a trip to the big house may just put her over the edge.

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