Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Though I'm not sure how...

It appears that I have angered the Gods.
This is my laundry room...although maybe not so bad since now
I have an excuse to get behind on the laundry.
But...the basket on the right, I'm proud to
say, is all that's waiting for me.

There are 22 holes in our home that are about this size,
give or take. It's in this very bathroom that I
walked in on one of the workers relieving himself...
you heard right...said he had a prostate problem.
Hey genius- if you have a prostate problem, you can't pee!
Maybe it wasn't so bad...no, no, wait...it was.
He didn't FLUSH!

Speaking of potties...
This is one of the necessary steps one must take
to get to the bathroom around here.
(no worries, we're all on the B.R.A.T diet till the nightmare is over)

And topping all of it off...I discovered that my green bean
plants look like little men.
What does that mean?
They'll take forever to do anything!


  1. Here's to a hasty project completion and porta-potties for uncouth working men. Love, Di

  2. Ugh...you poor thing. I think I'd rather deal with laundry than strange, prostate problem having, non toilet flushing construction workers. I guess it could be worse...he could have irritable bowel syndrome and forget to flush! Hope they finish ahead of schedule for your sakes :o)