Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cuz I didn't want to go alone...

He was there.

She was there.

He was there.

They were there.
(and yes, I asked, she's as beautiful in person as she is on TV)
I could have gone and I chose not to....
1 trip to Target
3 chicken tacos
24 oz's of Dr Pepper
are getting me through my
(still hurts though)
That's it! Monday I start running again.
Did you know I used to run everyday...without fail.
It's when I was at my happiest.
Time to get there again.
I probably would've gone alone if I were still running.
Everything is better when I run...
I feel good which makes me eat better,
which makes me drink more water,
which makes my skin glow,
which gives me confidence,
which makes me a better me,
which makes me a better mom,
which makes me wanna go out a meet celebrities...
Okay, so Monday...May...31st...
I start running!
So here it is...
My 4 months into the New Year Resolution:
I'm going to take it 7 days at a time.
I can commit to anything for 7 days.
I'm putting this out there.
Do this with me. It doesn't have to be running.
It can be anything that you feel needs working on in your own life.
It's only 7 days, what have you got to lose??


  1. I'm with you. What is it about running or walking or any exercise for that matter that makes one feel better.
    Oh and does today count? How about we start tomorrow :)

  2. You should have gone! I would have and I wish I did!:)

  3. okay...I will try but I am starting late