Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Making little someone's happy...

With the help of a horse ranch.

We rounded up a group of girls
and headed West.

The darling Blondie's are Kit Kat and
her best friend...the matching hair and clothes
was an accident...cute.

The stables were beautiful.

That's a big horse!

The girls put themselves in this line.
Here they're getting the ABC's of horse care.
Ready to ride.

Those who didn't ride...entertained!

Milk Dud, you are so special.

To those of you who reside in the gutter with me...
that is not the bare leg that belongs to the arm
that is holding the horse...
that is an elbow...see the sleeve.

Really she's not hanging from the horses mouth.

Cookie was so good...

not to mention more comfortable...
after we fixed her head.

What a fun day this was for all of us.

Girls, we love you!


  1. Truely epic...and definitely heart warming.

  2. Wasn't that cool. So glad you got to go. It's such a great place. Crackin up at the one where it looks like she's being eaten by the horse. Poor Amy looks like she's having a panic attack there!