Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dear Abby,

We seem to have hit some weather on this road they call life.
My heart aches for you Ab's, and your sweet baby tucked
so safe inside. Parents aren't equipped to handle the
pain that you feel. That ridiculous saying, "We're only
given what we can handle.."
Probably first uttered by a man who'd lost his pecker and
couldn't imagine what he'd do without one.
I spoke to a friend of a friend who's a radiologist.
The MRI was Friday and she did great.
Radiologist calls and says that it's definitely a cyst and it's
definitely in the pineal area of the brain.
I can do a Pineal Cyst in my sleep...from what I've read
they're common and hardly ever require treatment.
Then he says...
"There was one thing...she has something at the top of her
brain. I don't know what it is...(pause) I asked my partner who's a
pediatric radiologist and she doesn't know what it is either."
I didn't ask anymore questions, I didn't want to know more.
Days later, what I wish I would've asked...questions like:
is it solid?
could it be the cause of her headaches?
should i be worried?
what exactly are your credentials?
I guess now we wait till Thursday.
I think it's safe to say that we'd rather walk on the soles
of our blistered feet through eternity, than to feel what we feel right now.
I'm here for you Abby.
Your Forever Friend

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