Wednesday, June 30, 2010

brib' er' y

n. the offering, giving, or soliciting of something
of value for the purpose of influencing
the action of the recipient.

Miss Chocolate Chip has been home since Monday
night...on strict bed rest. Today being the first day
she was able to visit the lou without it causing
head pain.
Tomorrow morning we head to her regular
pediatrician for a follow up appointment.
I won't have the results of the CSF
until next week probably.
No biggie though...I don't think it would
end well if I were to see her neurologist right now
Genius ordered 12 cc's of fluid to be taken from her.
Doc at the hospital said normal amount...
4 cc's
That could have a lot to do with her landing in
the hospital for 3 days due to EXTREME pain.
When I say extreme, I mean she was kicking and
screaming, yelling that her head, back, legs
and stomach hurt.
She would grab her legs, bring them into her chest
and start shaking from the pain.
We took her into the ER twice,
after the pain made her vomit repeatedly
they admitted her.
She couldn't even walk.
She's doing much better now, her smile
has returned to that gorgeous face of hers.
(with a little help from Cookie)
Dear Sister,
Your daughter has had more than an
appropriate amount of fruit snacks.
You see, Chocolate Chip is in love with Cookie.
Cookie is not in love with Chocolate Chip.
Chocolate Chip loves when Cookie sits on her lap.
Cookie does not love sitting on Chocolate Chip's lap.
I give fruit snacks to Chocolate Chip so
she can feed them to Cookie so
Cookie will sit on Chocolate Chip's lap and
let her love her.

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