Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Living 5 miles from the water doesn't take much
getting used to...loving it just seems to come naturally.
Anyway, Monday was the first day back to reality.
School was back in session, everyone was at work and it was
just Baby Ruth, Carmel Corn and I in the house.
(loving that also comes naturally)
Baby Ruth and I were running around doing the
basics. We were on our way home, sharing a bag 
of candy... there was great music on the radio
 and the sun was shining.
I took that as a sign from the Gods that we should
go put our feet in the sand.
After the backseat agreed we were on our way.

As I was standing there glancing between Baby Ruth
and the water I got to thinking...
Last week I was in Carmel Corn's (my gram) office with
her while she unpacked the things that only she would treasure. key collection.
I started to get sad watching her decide what to part with
and what to keep. Her whole life is tied to these items, even
down to her key collection..."this is the key to the luggage we
took on our cruise to..." Gramps is gone and these things are
what she has left of him and her life when she was young.
So I spoke up:
"Gram, would you like us to bury you with these things?"
I meant it...I would.
 Anyone would had they been sitting
there with us that afternoon.
"Nah." she said.
"Have a bon-fire."
And I thought...
what a great idea!
Now maybe I'm morbid but I'm putting the call out-
when the time comes
 (pray it never does)
let's all get together and read the old letters, look at
the old pictures......divide the key collection.
Re-live those memories that Gram holds dear.
Then, when we're done...
we'll send them on with her.

How about it?

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