Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Am I missing something???

Now, I knew before we moved here that this
was a small town...
like one elementary school small...

And so, this past winter when I received two
phone calls within 30 minutes of each other,
about the exact same thing...I didn't think anything of it....
Yeah, it just so happened a car that looked
exactly like mine had smashed head-on into
a snow bank right in the middle of town.
Two calls later asking if it was me and did I need help
had me smiling, thinking how nice people around here are. I write this I think...
Either I'm liked
I'm the first person people around here
thought of when they saw a car buried in the snow.
Love or bad driving???

 This past St. Patrick's Day the local DJ
listed all the festive items she was wearing...
when she listed a green Scrunchie
I didn't know whether to laugh or change the station.
Small town??
bad music??
or an Irish thing??

Can you still buy those things?

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