Monday, April 4, 2011

How do I do this???

How do I parent this little cutie and not worry
every little thing do death??

Baby Ruth is scheduled for her first
of up to 3 surgery's to remove the birthmark
from her cheek.

Only thing...she's been sick for two weeks.
It was exactly 14 days ago that she
came down with a 103+ fever and
a sore throat...
It just so happened that we were at the doctor
for Chocolate Chip and Gram...
(we all see the same doc)
Chocolate Chip had a sore throat and mild fever
aka...positive strep test.
I mentioned Baby Ruth who's strep test ended up
 coming back negative...
Doc treated both girls with antibiotics
and we were on our way...

Baby Ruth's fever has continued on and off
since then with complaints of leg and stomach pain...
We saw her Pulmonologist  last week...
(details in a later post)
Anyway, that night she started with the 103+ came down in the days following
but never broke.

So last night she woke up around 2:30
burning up...wanted a drink before falling back to sleep...
This breakfast...she's jumping on the bed??

The thing that I don't get is this...
While we were in to see her gastroenterologist
a few weeks ago he asked...
"Does she ever have random fevers or complain
of stomach pain?"


While the past two weeks is probably just some
normal virus running its course...
How do I do this??
How am I supposed to parent this child without
wanting to rush into the doctor with every little thing
that will inevitably come her way??

FYI...Kit-Kat is home from school
today with a sore throat...


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  1. :( Prayers for Baby Ruth and you! Let us know how the surgery/surgeries go.