Friday, September 23, 2011


n. pl.
1.a person who is habitually cruel or overbearing,
especially to smaller or weaker people
2. a thug

3. any kid named "Angus"

We have a situation...
There's a bully at school targeting Kit-Kat...
We are handling it but have also decided to add
some humor to the whole thing.
(Bit O'Honey and I saw this in a movie recently)
It goes like this...

Actual "Angus" stats:
"Angus" stats according to us:
rides the short bus
lives on Pork Street
has a mother that doesn't love him
our family's new name for "poo"

So dear readers I invite you to adopt the last stat
for my Kit-Kat's sake...
Some examples where you might use this term:

"It smells like Angus in here."
"I feel like Angus."
"Ugh, you look like Angus."
"I gotta go drop an Angus."

By all means...get creative with this folks
run with it!!

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