Friday, October 4, 2013

Notice anything...

Back story is this...PETA is bent out of shape about the way lobsters are harvested/de-shelled...

So... They put out an ad... seems they don't have any issue with them being boiled alive...
Dear PETA,
The lobster in your ad, damn thing has been cooked! Lastly, how many hungry children could you have fed with the $ you put down on this ad? Get a clue's a friggin crustacean. 
The End 

1 comment:

  1. Bahaaahaaahaaa! I can't believe they would use a cooked lobster for that - idiots! Too funny thanks for the laugh. BTW, I just checked it out on and they are saying that even after their heads are ripped off (one of the very first steps) they remain alive for hours suffering... WHAT?!?! pretty sure they are more concerned about the torture of lobsters than they are about child abuse or hunger. Wackadoos!