Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Place to Hang Our Hats...



It finally happened...
And we couldn't be happier.

Next month marks our 3rd anniversary...
And looking back there are things I'd do differently
but all in all, I can count the regrets on one hand.

We've added 2 more to our family since we moved in! 
I can't believe I haven't done introductions!
Here goes...

Meet JuJuBe...
The newest little lady.
She arrived 3 weeks ahead of schedule
weighing in at 8lbs 9oz

She had (and still has) the best head of hair!

JuJuBe now...
Isn't she a doll!

She usually has a messy face so I 
urge you to get used to it.
She loves to snack and
it's one of those things that I never notice...
Till I take a picture or a neighbor shows up.

That's usually when all my messes stand out to me. 
What do you do...

Onto the next!

Meet JellyBelly 
This guy arrived on his due date...
Weighed in at a whopping 
9lbs 15oz
But when I tell the story, he's 10lbs
I'm takin' the ounce!

JellyBelly now...
He's almost always content.
Love this little critter.

That's all for now...

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