Monday, March 15, 2010

You want me to do what?!

happened Saturday.
My Bitt O' Honey was working all weekend.
So I woke up Saturday and like a good girl went
straight into the laundry room to put a dent in my
mound o' never ending laundry.
I wasn't two loads in when I noticed a "leak"...
No need to tell me twice.
I decided to skip the laundry and head to the grocery store.
Sunday morning I called the plumber.
While I'm explaining my situation he asks
"Is this something we (meaning me) can just throw some
towels on and call it good?"
I mention the brown paper floors.
He says "Oh yeah, you can go ahead and pull that up."
(did I mention the paper goes all the way underneath the washer and dryer?)
I explain that I HAVE to get laundry done so...
in cable man style he says "I'll be there within the next year."
(I may have embellished that last part)
Long story longer, he says he can't see what's wrong,
keep using the washer and towels if I need them.
It's about here that I discover this guy is not
in charge of laundry at his house, since he keeps
suggesting I use towels from some never ending supply.
I'm still doing laundry as I write this but the
puddle has stopped spreading.
Thank goodness for the little things.

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