Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Apparently my blog has readers...

And they've asked for an update on Chocolate Chip.
Here goes...
The last MRI of her brain showed "white matter" in the
frontal and parietal lobes. I asked the neurosurgeon about it,
he didn't have much to say...said it looked like there had been
a lack of blood supply to those parts of the brain at some point.
Uhhh...come again.
In my thirst for knowledge I made an appointment with
a neurologist for the next day.
That disaster went something like this:
Habib diagnosed her with ADEM
(acute disseminated encephalomyelitis)
one problem...she has NONE of the symptoms other
than the "white matter."
He also made sure to tell us how amazing he is,
how he's the only one who could diagnose this,
how lucky we are that we came to him when we did
because this can't be neglected.
Says no treatment beyond a repeat MRI in 3-4 weeks.
Oh yeah, and she has Childhood Migraines.
So...after the appointment, naturally we had doubts.
In my sit-back-and-wait-patiently fashion...
oh wait...
I made an appointment for her to be seen out of state.
That happens later this summer.
In the mean time, her next MRI is scheduled for
June 21st. The follow up appointment to discuss the results
in scheduled for the 25th.
Thankfully Habib did show us what was concerning
on the old MRI know what that means don't you?
When I get my hands on the new films,
I'll be holding those bad boys up to the sliding glass window
first chance I get.

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