Thursday, January 20, 2011


I think I offended the ovum...

I was here the other night...

A week and a half ago it was confirmed that
my "house guest" wasn't going anywhere on it's own.
Doc gave me the abortion pill and wished me luck...


4 little pills and I was going to be on
my way back to normal...

Without over sharing,
I used all four pills at once and waited...
About 40 minutes later things started happening...
At it's worst I'd say the pain was at about an hour
before you'd ask for the epidural..
(I tend to wait as long as I can for it)

Over the next 9 days things continued
without much pain...
A third ultrasound on day 9 revealed the worst...
still there...
nothing had changed.

I called the doc and was told to come into the office
the next day to discuss options.

Turns out I wouldn't need that appointment.

Went home that night and things picked up...
a lot.

I ended up in the ER...
 multiple IVs
an invasive procedure
some wonder drugs
a couple bags of fluids
3 hospital gowns
(and fresh sheets to go with them)
2 concerned doctors
1 nervous nurse
and an ovum in a jar...

I was able to go home.

A couple days later
I'm sitting here...
dizzy and pale from things lost.
Doc says a little more to go
and then it should be over.

Thought for the day:

There's a light at the end of the tunnel.
Let's hope it's not a train.
-Dear Abby


  1. Oh my gosh, how horrible for you! I wish I was closer and could be there for you. Please call or text me and let me know if there's some way I can help even if only to be here to listen. I love you!

  2. oh my sorry you had to go through all of that. glad things are finally starting to get better. wish we still lived close to each other so i could bring you dinner or give you a hug or both! love the dear abby quote ;o)