Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Meet Maggie...

She's one of Baby Ruth's 8 dinosaurs.
Did you know she has a LOVE of dinosaurs??
She does...
And what she goes through...they go through.
Poor Maggie had to have her blood drawn.
But no worries...Baby Ruth bandaged her up
and she's no worse for wear.
(I think it was the pink craft puff ball Baby Ruth used to stop the bleeding)
Smile again for how creative she is...

Her results are in...
While I wish I could say it's good news
I can say it's not bad.
Most of her levels have stalled...
What I mean by that is over the past few years her levels
have continued to drop closer and closer to normal.
This last draw shows only one made a slight drop.
The rest are unchanged for the most part...
And one made a significant climb.

Her doctor doesn't seem to be overly concerned.
And from what I understand fluctuation is part of the game.

But I guess I'd just gotten so used to them dropping
that this bothers me...a lot.

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