Monday, November 7, 2011

That can't be good...

What do you think it means when a black crow
sits and stares at your house??

Did you know we jokingly refer to this place
as "The Ghetto Beach House"?
Yeah...we do..haha
It's like where...
where paradise meets section 8...

There's a whole set of rules with the second toilet.
Rule #1: No #2
Rule #2: Don't flush while the washing machine is draining
(the washer backs up into the toilet, you'll have a flood)
We discovered rule 1 and 2 at the same time...

The ceiling in Kit-Kat's room almost came down
on the last tenants...
The very visible "scars" still remain...

The heaters!
Ahh the heaters...
The heater in the playroom isn't near a plug
so we can't use the blower without
running an extension cord through the room.
The heater in the living room comes equipped
with a temperamental thermostat so to get the desired temp
one must set it either above or below where one wants it,
and depending on it's mood it might work.
The heating unit in our room
(the one that's big enough to heat a gymnasium)
gets tired from time to time and just shuts off...
problem is you don't know this till you wake up
with a full bladder and have no
choice but the brave the cold to get to the toilet with all the rules.

Most of the upstairs windows don't work...
if you manage to crank them open
 you must remove the screen to pull the window closed.
That's right folks...the screens are on the inside.

Let's see...what else?
Oh yes...
The peeling paint in the living room.
The water marks down the wood paneling in the playroom.
The missing covers on the light fixtures.
The lovely patch jobs on any given wall.
The melted, discolored, cupboard next to the stove.
It would appear there may have been a fire.
The packing tape on 5 of the 8 downstairs windows.
It would appear someone may have forgotten their key a time or two.
The mailbox that sits on the ground up against the house
instead of at the end of the driveway on a post.
Actually, we had this fixed...I couldn't handle it.
The crooked couch that adds character and makes for good conversation.
The broken DVD/VCR combo
that sits under our working DVD player.

I'm sure there's more that I'm not listing but come on...
that view...
The view is what keeps us laughing about all this.
The view is why, even with all it's issues, we still LOVE this house.

It's such a view that we saw NONE of the above
before we signed the lease.
Oh well.
Live...and learn to look closer on the walk through.

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