Monday, November 21, 2011

What to write...

I always have so many thoughts
swimming around in my head...
(you'd think I'd have more blog posts)
Bit O'Honey laughs at me when I ask him a random question...
"Where did that come from???"
I explain the long list of connected thoughts
that lead to the inquiry to which he shakes his head...
While he's doing this I get a mental picture of
everything I just said falling out of his ears
word by word.

Random thought:
The girls ate an entire pineapple in 4 minutes last night...
No lie.
I cut it up, put it in a dish then went and sat down.
I was just about to tell them have one more and then be done
when in bounced Baby Ruth saying it was all gone.
If this keeps up we're going to end up on government cheese

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