Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Waiting on a short sale...

To whom it may concern,

When making your decision I thought you should know…

This house is THE ONE. We walked in and even in its current condition we knew we wanted to make it our home. My husband and I have four children, call us crazy but we hope to have a couple more.

You probably haven’t been to the property so I’ll tell you a little about it.

As far as the outside goes…It’s the second to last house on a dead end street…and that means in the winter the plows will create a huge snow pile when clearing the street. To us a snow pile is a headache, to my children it will mean hours of sledding fun in a winter wonderland. The driveway is great! Perfect for wearing down stick after stick of sidewalk chalk making hopscotch and pretend roads for toy cars. The backyard gives us plenty of room for a play set and an in-ground trampoline (with a safety net, of course).

The inside needs work but the bones are great! I’ve picked out the nursery…it would be the smallest bedroom…it has a slanted ceiling that would be perfect for a painted sky. The youngest girls would share the bedroom on the front of the house, they get along the best and enjoy the same kind of play. Our oldest daughter would have her own room opposite the bathroom. Speaking of bathrooms, this house has 2 ½. With 3 girls my poor husband is concerned about the future and any bathroom situations that will certainly arise with less than 2 commodes. Back to the bedrooms…my husband and I will take the bedroom on the other side of the house. You see Bit O'Honey makes a living as a Police Officer. It’s great but he works overnights so sleep can be hard to come by, poor guy. Anyway, our room would be away from everything and only has one window, PERFECT for daytime zzz’s. Most of my family lives on the opposite coast. During visits, those that don’t fit upstairs could crash on the sleeper sofa or an air mattress or two that the downstairs living area provides room for. For whatever reason the kitchen has an empty wall. No worries though because it’s the perfect place to put they girls play kitchen! The basement is a basement, dark, cold, and scary enough that the kiddos would most definitely need an escort to head down there. I guess that’s it except for the garage. It’s heated, which is perfect because that will make talking my husband into getting the kids a puppy and naming it ----- a lot easier. How can he say no when there’s a place for a naughty puppy to go in any season?

In closing I’ll say the only thing certain about tomorrow is that it hasn’t happened yet. Having said that, if things work in our favor this would be our “forever home”. A place that our kids could grow up, leave from, then return to with their own families. Don’t believe me? Ask my husband, he said if we get this house we can bury him in the backyard because he’s never moving again.



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