Wednesday, April 11, 2012

You did this to yourself...

When a student brought in munchkins,
You picked out a chocolate one "just for her".

You let her send an email to me from your computer.

When she brought in a picture of Mr. Goodbar,
You made him line-leader.

You found her best friend from kindergarten
and set up a recess play date for them.

You seemed to always go the extra mile.

Monday night Mrs. T had dinner with Lady Di,
You came up in the conversation.

Mrs. T: "What do you think of Chocolate Chip's teacher?"
Lady Di: "I've never met him."

Mrs. T then went on to tell her she had walked
into your darkened classroom earlier that day...
There was a movie playing and all the students were on the floor...
All the students except one...
That one student was on your lap...
That one student was Chocolate Chip...

Turns out...
You let some of the little girls in the class sit on your lap.
Turns out...
It's not always because they're sad.
Turns out...
You sometimes rub their leg or play with their hair while they're sitting with you.
Turns out...
You'll be on administrative leave while they do an investigation.

You have three girls of your own.
But Chocolate Chip isn't your little girl...
she's mine...
and you've crossed the line.

You were my dream teacher,
until you weren't.

Do I think anything has "happened"?
No I don't.
Do I think his actions were completely innocent?
I can only hope.

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