Saturday, July 14, 2012

I think I struck a nerve...

In response to the nasty comment left on yesterdays post...
(I published it if you care to have a peek)

Couple things...
well...may end up being more that a couple but anyway.

Let me be clear...
I KNOW my mom is a convicted felon because
of choices SHE made...
I am in no way saying that Bazooka Joe is to blame for her theft.

What I AM saying is that Bazooka Joe
could have left my mom 3 years ago
when all this came to light.
He chose to stay
and by staying he obligated himself to
stand by my mom and support her in her effort to make this right.

As far as a blog post about my role in compelling my moms theft...
Here you go-
It's no secret that all those close to mom probably benefited
from her embezzlement at one time or another.
But the truth is, my mom did what she did
by her own volition.

As far as my selfcenteredness, whatever, think what you want.
You can't even tell me who you are.

I like the way I make use of my time
but thank you.

1 comment:

  1. douchebag says what? love the courage it took to post anonymously. love ya girly! ;o)