Friday, June 11, 2010

It's Official!

We're gettin' hitched!
Chocolate Chip: She woke up shortly after this happened, I
went in and whispered to her that Bitt O' Honey
had proposed, I turned on her book light and showed
her the ring...she started to giggle.
Baby Ruth: (knew about the ring all along) she noticed
the ring and said "He gave you the ring?"
"He didn't tell me, I didn't see..."
"He did it last night while you were sleeping."
"Oh, can I try it on?"
Kit Kat: I showed her the ring and told her the story...
I suggested we wake him up.
She walked in the room and said
"Wake up lover boy."


  1. The ring is beautiful! He has proven that he not only has great taste in women, but in jewelry too! So So happy for everyone, including me the mom-in-law to be!!!!!
    May you be blessed with a turning tide!!!
    Love, Di

  2. HOORAY!!! I'm SO excited for you! This is the one I get to be the maid of honor for I know it:) I can't wait to hear details, call me!